Welcome to the Timber & Hardware Exchange

The Timber & Hardware Exchange is a business-to-business eCommerce system that provides Business Document Exchange between you and your trading partners using the Internet. The service provides you and its trading partners with a secure method of transmitting business documents (e.g. Purchase Orders, Invoices, Statements etc.) using the Internet that is cost effective and simple to operate.

The T&HE also offers and supports a sophisticated Catalogue Services environment, providing industry buyers with accurate and up to date product information and industry suppliers the tools for managing and distributing that information.

In addition, the Timber and Hardware Exchange provides individual suppliers and their customers with an On-Line Ordering facility, leveraging the Catalogue Services and Document Exchange to provide a solution for suppliers and their smaller customers.

To access Catalogue, Document Exchange, and On-Line Ordering services you need to be a customer of the Timber & Hardware Exchange. To find out more, please use our enquiry form.