Document Exchange

Features of the Timber and Hardware Exchange

Flexible Any-to-Any Translation

Trading through the Timber and Hardware Exchange means that your organisation is software application independent. Regardless of the business application you and your trading partners are running, the Timber and Hardware Exchange facilitates translation so that each partner can trade using one communications method and one data format for each document type.

Supporting Multiple Communications Methods

The recommended method of connecting to the Timber and Hardware Exchange is using the Pacific Exchanger Internet software provided by Pacific Commerce. The Timber and Hardware Exchange supports other forms of communications methods including FTP, SMTP (email), VAN (Value Added Network), external network interconnects, and modem dial-ups.

Independent Data Formats

Anyone involved with logistics and supply chain management knows that the paperwork they receive comes in a multitude of different formats. The Timber and Hardware Exchange allows you to send and receive trading information in an electronic format that is independent of your partner's format.

Precise Audit Trail

The Timber and Hardware Exchange tracks and records each transaction with meticulous precision. Any incomplete transactions are detected and reported with fully descriptive archives available for auditing. Reports are generated regularly and include all vital trade information for tracking and billing.

Reduced Complexity

Utilising the Timber and Hardware Exchange means that organisations are spared the complexity involved of integrating and translating trade information. Business applications or processes can be upgraded with minimal effort and little or no disruption to trade. The business processes involved with trading are automated and simplified to increase accuracy, reduce data entry and eliminate re-keying of information, resulting in a more cost effective process.

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