Online Ordering


The T&HE Online Ordering service is a fully functional, standardised Online sell side catalogue system provided for the benefit of suppliers wishing to have a cost effective eCommerce vehicle for Online account or credit card sales transactions.

Online Ordering provides a cost effective vehicle for organisations wishing to present and sell from their T&HE product catalogue via the web. This provides the ability to augment other electronic and traditional trading mechanisms through the use of the web. This may be to reach the "tail" of an organisation's market, or to provide for sales of spare parts or specialist products that are normally sold direct.

The provision of a standardised Sell Side Catalogue is designed to ensure that the investment in the technologies and processes of sophisticated eCommerce vehicle are amortised across many customers leading to reduced costs per customer and increased functionality through shared investment in solution enhancements.

The Online Ordering service delivers a private web site of standardised functions within the T&HE site, made up of secure web pages and catalogue data and associated back-end programming to provide functions that will support secure access to a variety of Online purchasing-related services. These include online ordering (or shopping basket) functionality, express order templates, frequently purchased items template, differential pricing schemes, and integrated electronic payments. A key benefit of this approach is suppliers gain access to a comprehensive Online sales vehicle without the long lead times and associated costs. This provides a platform or basis upon which to develop a wide variety of future e-commerce services, while enhancing the supplier's market position and image.

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